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4 Tiny Tips that Make a Big Difference on your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Family Corn Fields in Sebastopol , CA

A wedding, for most of us, is the biggest, baddest party you’ve ever hosted, and there are TONS of details swimming around in your brain at any given hour (And p.s., you’re crushing it 😉 ) I’m here to share some teeny tiny helpful tips you may not have thought of, to help save your brain power for the big stuff (like assembling the shot-ski for your open bar).

So, let’s dive in with one of the teeniest, tiniest of important details, shall we?

Tip #1 - Hair Ties


This is for you folks with luscious long locks, I know this seems obvious, but it’s so easily overlooked! And it really takes away from the elegance of your wedding day fit. If you know you’ll need one throughout the day, ask someone with pockets or your photographer (AKA, moi : ) to hold it for you.

Side Note:

I always carry around my super nerdy/extremely handy action fanny pack, so I gotchu! Along with band aids, bobby pins, tissue, the works.

**Below - strapped with said fanny!

Tip #2 - First Kiss

Oh man, this one right here - Make sure your officiant knows to step aside for your first kiss!

I can’t stress this enough (Unless of course you want the sweet, loving gaze of your officiant in the background of your first smooch as life partners, cuz that’s pretty adorable honestly 🖤) If not?? Be sure they know that their last job up at the alter is to bail stage-right! Giving you a blank slate for the background of your first big smackeroo 😊

Having them practice this in the rehearsal is a good way to solidify this important step.

Tip #3 - First Kiss Part Deux ... Mic' Stand

This is a piggyback off of tip #2, but still important. If you have a microphone stand between you and your babe during your vows, remember to both step in FRONT of it for your big kiss. Or? Plan to have your officiant move it behind you, and better yet, take it with them when they scoot out of the way for your kiss!

Tip #4 - High Quality H2O

This tip starts the day BEFORE your wedding. Hydrate like crazy the day prior to be ahead of the dehydration game. Then, start your wedding-morning with lots of water and electrolytes BEFORE that first sip of coffee hits your lips.


Along with having someone assigned to sneak you a little assortment of your hors d'oeuvre + maybe a cocktail in the transition time after your ceremony, DEFINITELY ask for a couple bottles of water too!

"But I'll have to pee all the time!"

I know what you’re thinking, it’s hard to keep heading to the loo, getting in and out of big dresses or layered suits/suspenders, but trust me, your body will be absorbing ALL the hydration it can get its hands on. So chug that agua, you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

*Bonus Tip #5 - After Party Plans

After the official party over, some guests may want to keep it goin!

It is helpful to have some places picked out nearby for guests to head when it’s time for the party to end, and that late night to begin. Having some fun nearby bars picked out ahead of time will avoid any lingering and, the ‘okay, where to now??”

You can even go one step further and call the places/bars you’re recommending to your guests, and let them know what day/time they may be getting a group of your partygoers! I’m sure they’ll appreciate the heads up, and it may help them be more prepared to accommodate a big group.

Now... Go on and plan away!

Save this post, and use the brain space this little list created inside that noggin of yours and BUILD THAT SHOTSKI. I believe in you.

Much Love,

Katie Arnst


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