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Some answers to questions I get the most,

to save you some energy on your hunt for a wedding photog! 

1  -     Are you available for my wedding date?!

I hope so!

My schedule is constantly updating, so run-don't-walk to the bottom of my Home Page, fill out the message portal.
I will get back to you within 48 hours!

After that, we'll hop on the phone and get right into the gorgeous nitty gritty of your wedding plans :)

2  -     Travel: My wedding venue is not in Sacramento,
can you still be our photographer?

The answer is a resounding YES!!
Put me behind the wheel or on a plane, your girl craves the open road (or an aisle seat).
Travel can be added to any package, just ask! 

*All of my packages cover the first 100 round-trip driving miles*

3 -   What are your packages? and How much do they cost?

Always included?
A stoke-filled day of wedding photography from yours truly :) 

On top of that,
my packages can include Travel, double or single shooters, Engagement Sessions, Fine Art Photo Albums, Prints, and additional hourly coverage! I will send you my price guide with all these details and more, just drop me a line at the bottom of the Home Page.

My packages start at $4,900.00 USD 


📍Bozeman, Montana

📍Stinson Beach, CA

📍West Shore, Lake Tahoe

📍Kings Beach Lake Tahoe, CA

📍Sacramento, CA (of course!)


📍Carson City, NV (of course!)

📍Auburn, CA

📍San Francisco, CA


You tell me where, and I'll pack up my Rav.
Let's hit the road!


4  -   What in the heck is Golden Hour?
Why do I need to know about it?

I am so glad you asked! 
Golden hour is the time of day, about an hour before sunset (or one hour after sunrise), where natural sunlight has mellowed it's mid-day harshness. It is gentle, void of sharp shadows, and evenly lights everything it touches.
AKA? The most beloved, dreamy time of day to take portraits!

This is something we will definitely talk about when planning your wedding day schedule. 

Golden Hour in the Eastern Sierras 

5  -   Do you shoot Engagement photos?

I do!
I have a dedicated page in my price guide to engagement sessions, which will be sent to you ASAP after I receive you inquiry! I love doing engagement sessions with couples, it gives us a chance to get to know each other before the big day, goof around of course, and get creative! 


(I'm known to bring my lovers a bottle of bubbly for every session, just so you know ;)

N+P Manresa-48_edited_edited.jpg
October 2021_CO Road home -5_edited.jpg

Sparkling wine in Santa Cruz, CA

6  -   I would LOVE to see more of your work,
where can I find your portfolio??

It's so nice to flip through a full wedding from start to finish,
getting the whole-day wedding vibe is important!

Click this link below to find full galleries I've delivered to my couples

Have a question not answered here?
Hit me up, and ask away!  I'm here for you.
Head over to the bottom of my Home Page and reach out my friend,
I'm an email away!

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