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Sacramento Based Photographer for West Coast Lovers

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The Mop behind the Lens

I'm Katie, your curly side-flopped Sacramento-based wedding photographer : ) But really? Sacramento is my sweet, sweet resting spot while I bounce between the snow and surf, camping in my Rav-4, shooting gorgeous people in love along the West Coast (with 100 coconut La Croix's in my cooler, they're delicious, don't let anyone tell you otherwise). 

Let me be clear... I SO WANT TO BE AT YOUR WEDDING!

Holding your dress hiking off-site to sunset portraits, crying in the corner during your best friends speech, sneaking you a scotch before your vows, on your dance floor snapppin' action shots of your crew cuttin' that RUG.


That being said...

Scroll on down and take a peek at some of my fave snap shots + kind words from amazing couples : )


Then? drop me a line!

At the bottom of the page, fill in your deets, and let's chat my friend!



Your Job?

I am pumped to hear from you!

So, if you have plans to tie the knot, near Sacramento or far far away...


Let me lend my hands, my eyes, my artistic brain, and we'll create a stunning masterpiece of your epic wedding day.

Eastern Sierra Mountains, CA


 "...the absolute best in the biz!!! I had friends who had been married recently commenting on how amazing you were. Everyone loved you and we are all blown away by the photos. Had someone bring that up to me (this week) actually!! But really there’s no other human. You check all the boxes and even more."

-Ellie + Joel

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Glenwood Springs, CO

"I. Am. Speechless. You are F***ING MAGICAL... Still going through every photo nightly. It's so good. We can't wait for you to come back to Colorado one day and hang!!"

-Janel + Luke

My Job?
Compose and capture an incredible photo.

My Other Job?
Dive in to your life for this one epic day, and help you feel that love, that hilarity, that STOKE behind each image, every time you look at it, for the rest of your life.

Sacramento, CA

Finally got something framed, Still loving these pics many months after : ) 
  -Carolann + Evan


Let me help you save some time...
Click below for answers to 6 important questions I get most!


1 - Are you available for my wedding date?
2 - Will you travel outside of Sacramento?
3 - What are your packages and rates?
4 - What in the heck is Golden Hour?? Why do I need to know about it?
5 - Do you shoot engagements? 
6 - I would LOVE to see more of your work, can I look at some full galleries
of weddings you've shot recently?

Sebastopol, CA

"...we still can't believe that yesterday actually happened, and how lucky we were to have had you there with us. You were truly AMAZING...'You brought such a vibe to everything, and we (are) literally (dying) to see those pictures you took. Wow."

- Sandra + Ricardo 

"The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything: the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself."
Bill Murray

J+G Website -3.jpg

Bend, OR

"Oh my gosh Katie, Gabe and I are both floored. I can't thank you enough, these are amazing!!!!!!"

--Janae & Gabe

Kolette+Santiago_Gallery Edits-68.jpg

Stateline, NV

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Let's take a  lil trip to your
After-Party-Future...because it's lookin' bright AF  :)
Click the 🤘🏼and come on in, lovers.


"Our day would have not been the same without you!...amazing people and photographers." 

- Kolette & Santiago


Ready to create an epic photographic timeline of one of the greatest parties of your life??


Let's talk

I would love to meet you!

Shoot me a message with your:

-Wedding date 


-Your babe's name

-One thing about your day that has you STOKED.  

You will hear back from me within 48  hours! 

I can't wait to talk about your badass wedding photo dreams, let's get groovinnnn 🤙🏼

Thanks for submitting!

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